Consult With Bridgette

Hey there! 
Thank you for reaching out to me. I get asked all the time how I got started and I get a TON of request to help other entrepreneurs get started with their own stationery business. Well, I am happy to offer my personal consulting services, now available! 
What does consulting with me look like? 
Free Business Strategy Interview- 30 Minutes
(Schedule Here) 
After the interview, if I feel that I can help you reach your goals and get you a ton of ROI (return on investment), then you will be accepted into my Paper Lovers Mastermind Group. That includes ALL the secrets to how I start, run and market my stationery company and how you can do the same! You will also have instant access to a group of other amazing entrepreneurs that share their secrets to success as well. 
So if you have dreams of starting a stationery company, go ahead a schedule a free strategy call and let's get started!